The Messenger

By Socratus

Illustrating Wicked Problems

Illustrating Wicked Problems

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The Messenger - Issue #10

Both of this week's ancillary essays are from Foreign Policy journals. First, a lovely essay by Justin E.H. Smith on ongoing efforts to turn aspects of nature - rivers, elephants etc - into a person for legal purposes. Then an essay on the geopolitics of ener…


The Messenger - Issue #9: The YPL

This week we embark on an exploratory journey together... and perhaps we may even find out where we are all headed together.And although our routes may be different on this adventure, we are all looking at the same roadmap, aren’t we? But who is going to expl…


The Messenger - Issue #8: The Sensome

The Sensome doesn't exist yet, but with all the hype and publicity around the Metaverse, we might as well speculate on a near future when it does exist. So what's the Sensome? It is an immersive environment that enables participants to collaboratively conside…


The Messenger - Issue #7

We did a long piece on the condition of migrants last year after the first lockdown. Check it out:


The Messenger - Issue #6

An interesting interview with Gyan Chaturvedi about writing truth to power


The Messenger - Issue #5: Flourishing Bengaluru

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The Messenger - Issue #4: Natural Farming

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The Messenger - Issue #3: Cascading Calamities

Where we sing the lockdown blues


The Messenger - Issue #2

Having made it this far, why not read some articles that were published on the Janta ka Faisla in Chhatisgarh:


The Messenger: Issue # 1

When Ananth and I met over coffee at the end of 2018, we discovered that we were both committed to a flourishing India while recognising that climate change will complicate our road to flourishing. What's our path to development? How do we get there? These we…


Wicked Minds - Issue #15: In Memorium

One of the saddest things about the pandemic is how it has taken away people who have done much to resist the system that has brought us to where we are today. This past week saw two visionaries pass away due to COVID.


Wicked Minds - Issue #14

The planet is being changed by humans, mostly for the worse. But can we imagine a future planetary commons in which the earth is seen as belonging to all beings? Eleanor Ostrom's work on commons could help us get there.


Wicked Minds - Issue #13

This is one of those weeks when reality outstrips my capacity to reflect.The second wave of the pandemic is raging through India. Everyone I know has been affected - either they or someone very close to them has the disease and in many cases, hospitalized or …


Wicked Minds - Issue #12: The Wasteland

I worry that our knee jerk response to cascading crises will be: More authoritarian control Mad max attempts by the richest to guard themselves while leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. Madder max attempts by the very richest to create floating citi…


Wicked Minds - Issue #11: Brokers of Wickedness

The consensus building institute has been using data in interesting ways, including the joint production of data by the conflicting parties.


Wicked Minds - Issue #10: Removing Carbon

Let's start with the what & how


Wicked Minds - Issue #9: Wh Wh Wh

There was a time when unions were important players across the world, capable of bringing nations to a standstill and bargaining for better wages and working conditions. That power was broken systematically, and in countries like India, most workers are in th…


Wicked Minds - Issue #8: Trusted Sources

At least in one influential camp, private property protected by law is the foundation of trust and prosperity.


Wicked Minds - Issue #7: Living the Future

You can't think of the future without thinking about technology. I think it will be easier to build public problem solving platforms through play than through 'serious' activity. Think Roblox or Minecraft - it will never be confused for the real real world, b…


Wicked Minds - Issue #6 - Climate Grammar

If politics is one avenue to address climate change, technocracy is another.