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The Messenger - Immersion #10: Just transitioning…

The Messenger
The Messenger - Immersion #10: Just transitioning…
By Socratus • Issue #54 • View online
When we talk about the transition to clean energy to power the planet so that the future of our delicate eco-system and our children is made secure, how do we think that this is going to happen? Will the world just automatically shift to an alternative source of power at the push of a button? Let’s even assume that such a clean source of energy does exists and is made readily available, even then how will this transition happen? What about the millions of workers toiling away in the coal mines and power plants so that we could burn the midnight oil to write this article from the comfort of our well lit homes? What will happen to their lives and support system? What about the existing infrastructure that supports coal based power?

Just transitioning…
Like always this transition is entrenched in various complexities, that need a collective problem solving approach. There are many funding organisations and governments efforts to transition to a cleaner source of energy, to decrease carbon footprint of the planet etc.. but these are hard problems to solve and the way forward needs massive efforts of collaboration. Most of all critical needs is the transitioning of the labour and their families who are working and are completely dependent on this industry.
We are in the process of designing such an effort where various stakeholders and organisations, working in diverse areas of research, policy, humanities, funding, execution, education and other such core capacities are trying to bring about a change to move to a greener future, one that is not sullied by our footprints, but instead is kept clean by a collective efforts of housekeeping. Stay tuned for how we are thinking of designing this event…see you next week!
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