The Messenger - Immersion #6: Form, Medium and Tools





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The Messenger
The Messenger - Immersion #6: Form, Medium and Tools
By Socratus • Issue #50 • View online
As the pace of life slows down a bit across the country, due to the beautiful and mighty monsoons, this edition will take this time and invite you all to an exercise in immersion. Grab a cup of hot beverage, a pencil and some paper, and kick back to imagine all the ways in which immersive experiences can be put to interesting uses.

An immersive experience can be designed in multiple ways blurring boundaries to evoke different senses based on the context at hand. We (@akansha) thought of a simple template that can be used to map and design an immersive experience. We would love to read your responses about any ideas that you might want to share with us as part of this thought exercise. Write to us: [email protected] We will make it a part of our next Messenger storyboard.
Onomatopoeic Immersion
Staying true to the incessant monsoon rains, this edition will leave you all with an example of an immersive rendition that can be induced by an onomatopoeic poem. This poem ‘Saawan (Rainy Season)’ by Sumitranandan Pant is full of onopatopoeic sounds, as he describes the beloved monsoon rains. All the vocalisations of the monsoon sounds really brings it alive. Enjoy!
Sumitranandan Pant (20 May 1900 – 28 December 1977)[1] was an Indian poet. He was one of the most celebrated 20th century poets of the Hindi language and was known for romanticism in his poems which were inspired by nature, people and beauty within. (Wikipedia).
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