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The Messenger - Issue #8: The Sensome

The Messenger
The Messenger - Issue #8: The Sensome
By Socratus • Issue #23 • View online
This week we are switching it up in two ways: we are shifting our focus from topics to tools, and we have a guest illustrator - Alok Srivastava - whose sketches grace this issue.

The Sensome
The Sensome doesn’t exist yet, but with all the hype and publicity around the Metaverse, we might as well speculate on a near future when it does exist.
So what’s the Sensome?
It is an immersive environment that enables participants to collaboratively consider a wicked problem and then discuss, debate and develop a response to it. Sensome participants can ‘see’ what they are discussing, move within the environment and ‘point’ at things. But enough with the text - let’s see what Alok has to show us.
A couple of links about the internet of everything, aka the Metaverse
So what is “the metaverse,” exactly? | Ars Technica
Dreams are a precious resource. Don’t let advertisers hack them | Aeon Essays
🖖🏾 until next time
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Illustrating Wicked Problems

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