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The Messenger - Issue #9 The Ethics of Immersion

The Messenger
The Messenger - Issue #9 The Ethics of Immersion
By Socratus • Issue #53 • View online
This issue is largely based on the ethical implications of what may we do under this confirmation of a rapidly advancing climate challenge with the looming threat of our planet becoming inhabitable. This issue outlines the six Ethical Maxims for a marginally inhabitable planet as outlined in an essay on bioethics by David Schenck and Larry R. Churchill.
Also continuing from the previous issue of experimental auto-generation of images using the ai platform - Dall-E, the images in the later part of this issue are also ai-generated, throwing a real situation into the mix, with what is going to be the future of work, with ai becoming more and more competent?

Woah! becomes extinct.
Woah! becomes extinct.
As you know, we have been using various characters to tell stories about our current planetary condition in hope to create a flourishing vision of the future. Today one of these characters “Woah! the extinct bird” (who was actually already extinct) is going to really go extinct, for more reasons that one. Major one being the metaphorical representation of the death of the illustrator with the advancement of AI Generated imagery. So onwards with a Dall-E generated images…
Ethical Maxims for a Marginally Inhabitable Planet
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