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Wicked Minds - Issue #14

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Wicked Minds - Issue #14
By Socratus • Issue #14 • View online
I am still besides myself with worry, grief and anger about the pandemic in India. Everyone I know is within one degree of separation from someone who has had the disease and especially in North India they have lost family members. Sometimes entire families have succumbed.
I hope you are keeping safe and so are your family and friends. Now for a few links to keep our minds occupied.

The planet is being changed by humans, mostly for the worse. But can we imagine a future planetary commons in which the earth is seen as belonging to all beings? Eleanor Ostrom’s work on commons could help us get there.
The tragedy of the commons is a false and dangerous myth – Michelle Nijhuis | Aeon Essays
Commons depend on trust, i.e., that I will only take what’s appropriate for my needs and no more. At the other end of the spectrum lie people who project the greatest confidence while knowing full well they are captaining a sinking ship. A little confidence is important to avoid panic, but confidence without substance is a Titanic mistake.
The financial world and the magical elixir of confidence – Matt Seybold | Aeon Essays
Not all of us are confidence tricksters. Some of us just imagine a better world and leave it at that.
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