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Wicked Minds - Issue #3

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Wicked Minds - Issue #3
By Socratus • Issue #3 • View online
This week is focused on links. The first link is about a course on public problem solving by a team at Gov Lab working under Beth Noveck. Two good things about this course:
  1. It’s free
  2. You can take it at any time and at your own pace.
We will be using some of their ideas in our course as well. So check it out.

Public Problem Solving
The first link is to Gov Lab and the second to the course on Public Problem Solving offered by Gov Lab.
The Governance Lab
If the Green New Deal is the massive intervention at the progressive end of the climate spectrum, Geoengineering is the neoliberal intervention of choice. We will be hearing more and more about it in the coming years. This interview with Elizabeth Kolbert, well known author of the Sixth Extinction, is one of many conversations we are going to be having over the next decade and onwards.
Opinion | Should We Dim the Sun? Will We Even Have a Choice? - The New York Times
Climate Justice
Everyone knows how Greta Thunberg (and Rihanna and other western celebrities) lent their voice to the ongoing farmer’s protest. Greta is in no fear of being arrested - though she’s unlikely to get a visa to come to India - but an Indian climate activist, Disha Ravi, has been. Climate activism, especially when it’s combined with other intersectional challenges - gender justice, agrarian crises, caste oppression - will likely become an arena of explicit struggle in India. Unfortunately.
Youth-based environmental collectives condemn Disha Ravi’s arrest in ‘toolkit’ case | The News Minute
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